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Highlights from last week’s corgcam.


On one hand, this little butt stole my place in bed while I was brushing my teeth last night, but on the other hand, he’s so dang cute that it’s hard to get too grouchy about it.


I took a picture at the park of a white rhododendron to send to my mom and someone decided he just had to be in the picture, too.

  • Question: is it true that if you shave a corgi their hair grows back in really patchy? Mine is shedding so badly and I've wanted to shave her but wasn't sure. Thanks! - Anonymous
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    Thanks for asking and I hope this message finds you before you do anything drastic with your corgi.  First of all, shedding is part and parcel of sharing your life with a corgi.  It’s been said that they blow coat only twice a year — but that twice a year really means July-December and January-June :p

    That said, first look at whether or not anything has changed in your household or your corgi’s life.  Any extra stressors? Changes in environment? Or severe change in diet?  Things like stress, illness, dietary changes can effect how your pet sheds, and how much.  After that, how often do you groom/brush your corgi?  I’d say once a week at BARE MINIMUM if you’re not already regularly grooming.  

    Now, regarding shaving the corgs, you should NEVER DO IT.  Unless there is a case of extreme matting, or a skin condition that requires access for medical treatment repeat after me: NEVER SHAVE A CORGI.

    This is true of all double-coated dogs.  I know it may seem like a lot of fur, but it has a purpose and helps keep your dog warm in the winter and, believe it or not, cool in the summer.  Remember, dogs cannot sweat like humans do, so they rely on different means of regulating body temperature.

    Now, you may come across someone who says “oh, but I shaved my corgi and it was fine!” Well, bully for them.  But you have to think what is truly best for your dog and their well-being.  

    Shedding is something you sign up for when you welcome a corgi into your life, it’s not so bad, really.  But please, do not shave your corgi.

    Recommended Reading:

    Same for Vallhunds! Shaving them makes it harder for them to regulate their body temperature.

    this applies to ALL double coated dog! do your research BEFORE you get a dog, if you can handle one that sheds frequently, consider a different breed.

    Never never never never never shave a corgi (or any other double-coated dog)!  Fur tumbleweeds are part of the bargain, and fluff-butts are happier and healthier with their fluff intact.

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after every meal, without fail…floor swimming.

weirdest little corgi there ever was

Sam likes to do this first thing when we get up in the morning.

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The corgi notion of comfort.


Peeking over the edge of the couch.


He’s not going to win any hide-and-go-seek championships…





I just needed this in my life

OMG… attn:

You definitely have time to watch this sleight-of-hand magician disappear treats out from under the noses of unsuspecting dogs. I know this about you.

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